Doctor Urszula Leończak in GALI: halitosis is a problem that 80 percent of society struggles with

Bad breath is a source of many problems – it causes discomfort, exposes you to social ostracism, but it can also mean serious health problems.

Dr. Ula Leończak explains why it is worth consulting a doctor instead of treating it on your own.

Halitosis affects over 80 percent of the population – both women and men.
This dangerous disease is often underestimated.

What should daily prevention look like?
Doctor Leończak advises: take care of oral hygiene (brush your teeth at least twice a day, use dental floss), change your diet (avoid strongly flavored and spicy products, include probiotic yogurts, fennel, parsley, anise, cinnamon in your diet
), quit smoking, and instead of coffee or alcohol – drink a few liters of water a day and mint tea, which helps moisturize the mucous membrane and freshen breath.