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porcelain crown

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A dental crown is like a cap that covers the entire visible part of the tooth, protecting its remaining structure and restoring its original shape, size, and color.

There are several reasons why you might need a porcelain crown. The most common is extensive decay—in such cases, a filling or overlay is not enough to rebuild the cavity. You may also need a crown to repair a broken tooth or as a final step in root canal treatment or after a dental implant.

At Warsaw Dental Center, our porcelain crowns are individually designed using digital technology. This allows you to get a new dental crown in just a few hours. We specialize in porcelain crowns that look like your natural teeth. For broken, damaged, or decayed teeth, dental crowns can be a suitable solution.

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Our clinic provides a variety of services, ensuring quality and saving your time. Here are approximate prices and timelines for each service.

CAD/CAM temporary long-term crown 1 450 PLN
Ceramic crown from 2 500 PLN
Temporary short-term crown 300 PLN

what are the advantages of
dental crowns?

They allow even severely damaged teeth to survive for many years.

They are safe for gums

They allow for regaining the comfort of speaking, chewing, and smiling.

They improve the appearance of teeth

prosthetic crown at Warsaw Dental Center step by step:

It may require several visits for a patient to receive a dental crown. In many cases, the dental crown procedure is part of another dental treatment plan, such as root canal treatment.

Here is the step-by-step process of receiving a dental crown:

Preparation: Before the crown, the dentist addresses any issues. All infections or decay must be treated. Sometimes, an old crown needs replacement, in which case the remaining part is removed first.

Tooth Preparation: The dentist then prepares the tooth for the crown. The tooth is reshaped to create space for the new crown. Our dentists prepare teeth for crowns using magnification loupes or a microscope, ensuring precise treatment. The dentist then takes a series of scans that are sent to a computer at Warsaw Dental Center’s laboratory. Some patients receive a temporary crown at the end of this visit. At this stage, the color of the dental crown is also individually selected for each patient.

Cementing the Crown: Once the dental crown is ready, the patient returns to the office. The dentist first checks the fit of the crown to ensure it fits well and looks natural in the mouth. Then, under a rubber dam, the dentist permanently cements the dental crown onto the tooth.

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Warsaw Dental Center
answers the most frequently asked questions about dental crowns.

How much does a dental crown cost?

The cost of a dental crown will vary depending on your health condition, individual aesthetic needs, and the material from which the crown is made. At Warsaw Dental Center, the price of a composite crown is 1450 PLN, a full ceramic crown is 2900 PLN, and the cost of a high aesthetic crown is 3800 PLN. Before starting treatment, we will inform you about the exact price of the proposed dental crown. We also offer payment plan options tailored to your budget.

Does getting a dental crown hurt?

During the preparation of the tooth, the dentist may numb the area to ensure the patient’s comfort. After the placement of the dental crown, there may be some minor discomfort in the area where the crown is placed for a few days. Persistent pain long after the crown is placed may indicate a poor fit, which would require a follow-up visit for adjustment.

How long does it take to make a dental crown?

The duration of dental crown treatment depends on several factors. Crowns that are part of root canal treatment or other procedures may require more time due to the earlier stages of treatment. At Warsaw Dental Center, thanks to advanced planning and manufacturing technologies, we can offer our patients crowns made in just a few hours. Consult with a dentist at Warsaw Dental Center to get information on how long the crown-making process will take.

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