Aesthetic dentistry

White and straight teeth are a dream for many people. Unfortunately, adequate oral hygiene and treatment of cavities don’t always suffice to achieve this desired effect. Fortunately, in such cases, one can seek the help of aesthetic dentistry, a specialized field of medicine that focuses on restoring a beautiful and natural look to the teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry

Our offer includes a variety of services that address issues related to misalignments, discoloration, or overly dark color of the teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry is a significant branch in the field of dentistry, requiring close collaboration among experts with various specialties. The goal is to achieve the final aesthetic effect, making this field a crucial part of our practice.


In some cases, to achieve a dazzling smile, all you need are veneers, which are an excellent solution for minor imperfections of the teeth. With veneers, you can improve the shape and size of a tooth, cover discolorations, cracks, and gaps like diastema.


Veneers are thin shells made of porcelain, composite, or ceramic that are attached to natural teeth. This procedure only requires a slight reduction of the front surface of the tooth, making it minimally invasive. The structure of the teeth remains intact during veneer placement.

For patients with minor concerns about the appearance of their teeth or those who cannot dedicate time to a comprehensive reconstruction, we also offer a minimally invasive technique called “bonding.” During this process, composite resins are used to reconstruct the tooth’s surface. Minor chips, wear, cavities, or discolorations can be covered using a composite spot that adheres precisely to the natural tooth. Thanks to this technique, the transformation is quick, and a new tooth shape can be achieved during a single visit.

Tooth grills

The trend of “tooth grills,” or decorative tooth coverings, is gaining increasing popularity among celebrities and public figures. This trend has its roots in the rap music of the 1980s. The term “grill” comes from a decorative automotive accessory that serves a decorative function in addition to covering the radiator. Tooth grills have now become a form of body jewelry. They can be made from various materials, including diamonds and precious metals. Tooth grills can be worn on a single tooth, a single dental arch, or across the entire set of teeth.

Teeth whitening

The teeth whitening process can be achieved using various methods. The most common methods include tray-based techniques or utilizing special lamps. Some dental offices also use porcelain veneers for teeth whitening. These diverse techniques aim to achieve a lighter shade for the teeth, improving their aesthetics.

Composite in color

Indeed, aesthetic dentistry also includes composite fillings, which are chosen to match the natural color of teeth, contributing to a better aesthetic effect. Such fillings are particularly useful for teeth that have been treated or filled before.


In a dental clinic that employs orthodontic specialists, it is possible to correct malocclusions and improve the aesthetics of teeth. These treatments involve using both fixed and removable braces to help achieve the correct alignment of teeth and improve overall dental aesthetics.

Ceramic crowns

Ceramic crowns are used to rebuild teeth that have suffered significant damage. They are particularly applied in cases of root canal treatment in a dental office. Ceramic crowns not only restore the tooth’s structure but also provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


In the field of aesthetic dentistry, prosthodontics also plays a significant role. It encompasses various prosthetic solutions, including removable and fixed dentures, single implants, and bridges. These solutions help restore bite function and the aesthetics of the dentition.