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dental filling

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Cavities can affect anyone, even those with perfect oral hygiene. However, even small cavities that are not a cause for excessive concern should be treated as soon as possible. Left untreated, they can lead to bacteria penetrating deep into the tooth, destroying its structure, and even reaching the root. This may result in the need for a crown, root canal treatment, or even extraction.

Warsaw Dental Center is the best place for tooth filling. With tools for early detection of cavities, modern technology, and natural-looking filling materials, getting a tooth filled is easy and comfortable.

We pride ourselves on all our dentists performing fillings under magnification microscopes and loops, ensuring quick and perfect reproduction of the natural crown color. Although tooth fillings can have a cosmetic aspect, they are primarily considered a health-related procedure aimed at treating cavities and preventing their spread.

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What are the differences?

Composite fillings

While composite fillings can have a cosmetic aspect, they are primarily considered a health treatment – they aim to treat and prevent the spread of tooth decay.


Bonding is a cosmetic process where a dentist attaches or “bonds” materials directly to your tooth, changing its color and shape. Bonding is often seen as a durable, cost-effective alternative to veneers.


An inlay is a single, solid piece used to fill a cavity that is too large for a composite filling.

An overlay is larger than an inlay but smaller than a dental crown. It is also a single piece but covers the full cusp of the tooth (not just the area in between).

what does the process of filling a cavity look like at Warsaw Dental Center?

1. First, the dentist will apply anesthesia to ensure a painless and comfortable procedure.

2. Then, under magnification, all decay will be removed.

3. Your dentist will place a rubber dam on your teeth to isolate the cavity from saliva, ensuring the filling adheres perfectly to the tooth walls.

4. Under the rubber dam, the dentist will prepare the tooth surface for the filling and then start applying the composite material, adjusting the color and shape to the natural characteristics of the tooth.

5. The final step is to polish the filling to make its surface smooth and imperceptible to the tongue.

We are committed to helping our patients enjoy a happy and healthy smile. When it is necessary to stop the progression of decay or improve the condition of a tooth, we make every effort to ensure that the entire process is a positive and comfortable experience for you. At Warsaw Dental Center, you are in good hands.

our philosophy of filling cavities.
what can you expect at Warsaw Dental Center during conservative treatment?

Minimally invasive technology

The use of a microscope and rubber dam for each procedure

Beautiful and long-lasting effects

Personalized dental care

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