bone reconstruction

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bone reconstruction

in the heart of Warsaw

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bone tissue reconstruction

Bone reconstruction of the jaw is necessary when there has been bone loss in the oral cavity. This procedure is often performed before placing dental implants or when bone loss negatively affects adjacent teeth. After placing the bone substitute material, it acts as a scaffold on which your own bone tissue can grow and regenerate.

You may need bone reconstructions if you: – plan to rebuild a missing tooth with an implant – have periodontal disease with bone loss that threatens tooth loss – have a planned tooth extraction, and the surgeon wants to prevent excessive bone loss after removal Bone reconstruction is a very common procedure in dentistry, performed by a dental surgeon or periodontist.

At Warsaw Dental Center, our doctors use microsurgery techniques and tools, as well as magnification with loupes and a microscope, making the procedure more predictable, painless, and with a shorter recovery time.

what are the advantages of
bone reconstruction?

Facilitating Implant Placement

Protection of Adjacent Teeth

Improving Aesthetics

Improving Comfort and Functionality

bone reconstruction at Warsaw Dental Center:

Step 1: Consultation
The first visit is for evaluating the bone condition and discussing the treatment plan.

Step 2: Diagnostics
Performing tests such as X-rays or CBCT scans to assess the area requiring reconstruction.

Step 3: Planning
Developing an individual treatment plan, selecting the graft material, and determining the surgical technique details.

Step 4: Procedure
Performing the bone reconstruction under anesthesia, using the chosen graft material.

Step 5: Recovery
Providing post-operative care instructions and monitoring the healing process by the doctor.

Step 6: Follow-up and Further Treatment
Follow-up visits to assess bone integration and plan any further procedures, such as implants.

At Warsaw Dental Center, we ensure that each stage of bone reconstruction is carried out with the utmost care, using advanced techniques and materials, ensuring high treatment effectiveness.

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Warsaw Dental Center
answers the most frequently asked questions about bone reconstruction

How long does the bone augmentation process take?

The time required for bone augmentation can vary depending on the amount of bone tissue needed and the individual characteristics of the patient. Typically, the process takes from several months to half a year for the bone to properly fuse and be ready for implantation.

Is the bone augmentation procedure painful?

The bone augmentation procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which minimizes pain during the operation. After the procedure, there may be mild discomfort and swelling, but these are usually well controlled with prescribed pain medication.

What materials are used for bone augmentation?

Various materials can be used for bone augmentation, including the patient’s own bone tissue harvested from other parts of their body or artificial bone substitutes. The choice of material depends on many factors, including medical indications, patient preferences, and the specifics of the planned dental procedure.

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