porcelain dental bridges

in the heart of Warsaw

porcelain dental bridges

in the heart of Warsaw

a great way to replace
missing teeth!

Have you lost one or more teeth? You might be a great candidate for a dental bridge. A well-made porcelain bridge looks like your natural teeth and restores your smile to its original health and function.

As the name suggests, this treatment “bridges” the teeth before and after the gap left in the mouth to fill the missing tooth. In this procedure, the bridge is held in place by healthy teeth adjacent to the gap in the smile.

Dental bridges are permanently fixed, and many people consider them a better alternative to removable partial dentures. We will help you decide if this treatment is right for you. The price of a bridge depends on the number of missing teeth.

interesting facts about
dental bridges

It replaces missing teeth without the need for surgery

It positively affects the condition of the gums, helping to maintain their health

It allows for normal speech, chewing, and eating

It prevents the loss of jaw bone, a process known as resorption

what are the stages of making a prosthetic bridge?

Here is our process for achieving amazing results:

We will ensure that you feel comprehensively cared for from start to finish, as we will:

1. Prepare the neighboring teeth to serve as support for your bridge
2. Place a temporary dental bridge to protect your teeth and gums
3. Design your individual prosthetic bridge using CAD/CAM technology
4. Cement the finished prosthetic bridge onto your natural teeth so you can enjoy your smile

At Warsaw Dental Center, we use digital technologies for designing and manufacturing prosthetic bridges. This ensures that the process is extremely precise and fast.

check out what you will experience at
Warsaw Dental Center!

The most modern devices

Warm and professional team

Comfort during treatment

Fully personalized dental care

Warsaw Dental Center
answers the most frequently asked questions about dental bridges

How much does a dental bridge cost?

An effective bridge relies on personalized treatment. While the average cost of bridge treatment starts at around $3000, there are several unique factors to consider to determine the exact cost. We assure you that we will inform you about the total cost of the bridge during the prosthetic consultation.

What is the difference between a porcelain bridge and a denture?

A dental bridge is a fixed structure permanently attached to adjacent teeth or implants, replacing missing teeth. It cannot be removed independently. A removable denture, commonly known as a “denture,” is a removable device that replaces multiple teeth or an entire jaw. These dentures are typically made of acrylic or metal and sometimes require adhesive for attachment.

How should I care for a porcelain bridge to ensure it lasts as long as possible?

With proper care and maintenance, your dental bridge can last for 10 years or longer. Adequate oral hygiene habits are all that’s needed to take care of the bridge. Brush your teeth twice a day, use dental floss daily, and visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and check-ups.

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