Urszula Leonczak

Medical director, dentist MSc.

As a dentist with over fifteen years of experience in Warsaw, I have recently embarked on a new venture by co-founding the Warsaw Dental Center with my brother. Our clinic stands out for its passion for dentistry, a penchant for latest technologies and innovative treatment approaches. My career at the Warsaw Dental Center has allowed me to perfect my passion, periodontal surgery, a field I’ve been learning about under the tutelage of renowned experts Prof. Markus Hurzeller and Prof. Otto Zuhr from Munich amongst other internationally renowned dentists from other parts of the world.

Dentist Urszula Leonczak Graduated with honors
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Pictures alt text Dentist Urszula Leonczak graduated Harvard medical school
Dentist Urszula Leonczak graduated medical university of Warsaw

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About me

My focus is on endodontics (root canal treatments) and minimally invasive periodontics. Minimally invasive periodontal treatments refer to a modern approach in periodontics, the dental specialty focusing on the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth, primarily the gums and bone. This approach aims to treat gum disease with the least amount of trauma to the tissues, using techniques that are less invasive than traditional methods.

Key aspects of minimally invasive periodontal treatments include:

Early Diagnosis and Prevention: The focus is on early detection of periodontal issues to manage them before they advance, often using diagnostic tools like digital imaging and specialized probes.

Conservative Procedures: When treatment is necessary, the goal is to preserve as much of the natural tissue as possible. This might involve scaling and root planing (a deep cleaning method to remove plaque and tartar from below the gumline), and localized antibiotic therapy to treat infections.

Use of Advanced Technology: Minimally invasive treatments often utilize state-of-the-art technologies such as laser therapy, which can precisely target affected areas with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissues.


Patient Comfort and Recovery: These procedures generally result in less discomfort during and after treatment, quicker recovery times, and less swelling and bleeding compared to traditional periodontal surgery.

Maintaining Long-Term Dental Health: The approach focuses on not just treating the current condition but also educating patients on maintaining long-term periodontal health through proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

This approach is part of a broader trend in modern dentistry towards patient-centeric care that prioritizes effective treatment with minimal discomfort and disruption to the patient’s life.

At our clinic, we pride ourselves in providing dental care that is not only effective but also patient-friendly.

I speak English fluently, Polish natively and understand Spanish legibly.


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