dental surgery

in the heart of Warsaw

dental surgery

in the heart of Warsaw

we restore a full,
healthy smile!

We are proud to offer our patients comprehensive treatment at Warsaw Dental Center. We specialize in both tooth extraction and advanced surgical and periodontal procedures. Everything your teeth need can be found at Warsaw Dental Center.

do you suffer from fear of the dentist? we offer painless procedures!

leica microscopes

Our practice prides itself on using the latest technologies in all surgical procedures. With expanded capabilities and innovative tools, including the Leica Solea microscope, Dr. Bartosz Leonczak offers five-star care and personalized solutions for your needs.

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dental surgery

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dental surgery

We offer all the treatments needed to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile:

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replacement of missing and damaged teeth

to stop tooth infections and abscesses

to prevent dental problems

stop exaggerating

high-quality dental surgery
from top-rated professionals

We provide a pleasant and discreet atmosphere, offering care tailored to individual needs and a wide range of services. We approach our patients with great care, aiming for their full comfort during their visits.

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