crown lengthening

in the heart of Warsaw

crown lengthening

in the heart of Warsaw

modern methods of
tooth crown lengthening

Tooth crown lengthening is a dental procedure that involves reshaping the gums and bone around a tooth to expose more of the tooth’s crown.

It is often required when a tooth is broken below the gum line or to better anchor prosthetics such as crowns or bridges.

At Warsaw Dental Center, we use the most advanced crown lengthening techniques to ensure optimal results in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

what are the advantages of
tooth crown lengthening?

Improving functionality

Preserving a tooth


Gum Health

extending the crown of a tooth at Warsaw Dental Center step by step:

Step 1: Consultation
The first visit involves a detailed consultation with the dentist to assess the condition of the tooth and discuss the goals and expectations of the patient regarding the procedure.

Step 2: Diagnosis
Diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, are performed to accurately assess the condition of the tooth and surrounding tissues, as well as the amount of crown extension needed.

Step 3: Treatment Planning
Development of an individual treatment plan that determines how the crown extension will be performed, including the choice of appropriate methods and materials.

Step 4: Tooth Preparation
Gentle removal of part of the gum and, if necessary, bone around the tooth to expose more of the tooth’s crown and allow for proper fitting of the future restoration, such as a crown.

Step 5: Treatment
Depending on the needs, treatment may involve rebuilding the tooth with composite material or other filling, preparing the tooth for the final restoration.

Step 6: Restoration
Placement of a temporary or permanent crown or other prosthetic restoration that restores full functionality and aesthetics of the tooth.

Step 7: Check-up and Adjustment
A follow-up visit after the procedure, during which the dentist assesses the adaptation of the tissue, as well as the function and appearance of the restored tooth, making any necessary adjustments.

Step 8: Postoperative Instructions
The patient receives detailed instructions for postoperative care to ensure long-term treatment success.

At Warsaw Dental Center, each stage of extending the crown of a tooth is carried out with attention to detail and patient comfort, using modern technologies and materials to ensure optimal results.

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The most modern devices

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Fully personalized dental care

Warsaw Dental Center
answers the most frequently asked questions about tooth crown extension.

For whom is the procedure of extending the tooth crown intended?

This procedure is recommended for patients who need better access to the tooth for restorative reasons, such as placing a crown or bridge, as well as for aesthetic purposes when we want to improve the proportions of the tooth and gums.

Is tooth crown lengthening painful?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which minimizes discomfort during the procedure. After the anesthesia wears off, patients may experience mild discomfort, which is usually well controlled with recommended pain medication.

How long is the recovery time after a tooth crown lengthening procedure?

The recovery period after a tooth crown lengthening procedure is usually short. Most patients return to normal activities within a few days. It’s important to follow the recommendations for oral hygiene to ensure proper healing.

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