What is worth knowing before putting on orthodontic braces?

Concerns related to orthodontic treatment: Experts from Warsaw Dental Center explain the most common concerns.

As we age, the number of considerations regarding our health invariably increases, especially in the context of the oral cavity.
Experts from the renowned Warsaw Dental Center clinic decided to confront common doubts regarding orthodontic treatment.

Mystical belief: Straight teeth are primarily an aesthetic issue, so if I haven’t been bothered by their appearance before, I don’t need to take any action. Reality according to Dr.

Bartosz Leończak: Straight teeth enable more accurate hygiene.
It should be borne in mind that poor oral hygiene is associated with gum disease, tooth loss, and diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
Poor tooth alignment can also lead to improper chewing, nighttime clenching of teeth (bruxism) and damage to tooth structure.
Improper tooth position can also affect speech clarity and lower self-esteem.

Mythology: Wearing braces leads to unsightly discoloration, especially visible in smokers. Reality according to Dr.

Urszula Leończak: Discoloration is not a direct result of orthodontic braces, but may appear when we do not maintain proper oral hygiene.
The clinic representative emphasizes that following the doctor’s instructions and careful hygiene minimizes this problem, even in the case of smokers.

Facts: After the brace is placed, the patient should adjust his or her diet. Explanation from Dr.

Tomasz Kuprys: Right after the brace is placed, it is recommended to follow a soft diet to alleviate any pain and discomfort.
In the further stages of treatment, avoiding hard, dyed and rubber products is crucial to prevent discoloration and detachment of the braces.

Facts/Mythology: Pregnant women are excluded from getting braces.

Reality according to Dr.

Urszula Leończak: As long as everything If the necessary radiological examinations have been carried out before pregnancy, there are no obstacles to starting orthodontic treatment (X-rays should be avoided during pregnancy).
By the way, breastfeeding does not negatively affect the taking of radiographs or the ability to wear a camera.

Facts/Mythology: Orthodontic treatment is more expensive for older people, so it’s not worth delaying. Reality according to Dr.

Urszula Leończak: Older teeth may have a slightly limited ability to move, which may extend the duration of orthodontic treatment and affect the costs.
However, it is worth remembering that it is never too late to improve your smile.
The clinic is proud of its successful orthodontic treatment of an 80-year-old patient.

With these explanations, we can better understand and address common concerns about orthodontic treatment.
It is worth emphasizing that a professional approach and individual advice from experts such as those at Warsaw Dental Center are key to achieving a healthy and beautiful smile regardless of age.

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