What may be the consequences of abandoning endodontic treatment?

We often emphasize the importance of prevention and proper oral hygiene, which help avoid serious dental problems. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes the seriousness of this issue and ignores doctors’ recommendations. We decided to talk to Dr. Urszula Leończak, a specialist in endodontics, about the consequences of negligence for patients who need root canal treatment.

Doctor Urszula Leończak explains: ‘Caries may initially cause pain when eating sweet, hot or cold food.
At this stage, the tooth does not require root canal treatment yet. However, if we do not contact the dentist in time, the condition of the tooth will deteriorate and bacteria will get into the pulp. This will cause inflammation that will require endodontic surgery.

If root canal treatment is ignored, inflammation may also develop in the bones around the tooth root.
The consequences of negligence are very serious for the patient.
There is a risk of abscess, swelling and severe pain.
General symptoms such as fever and chills may also occur.
Without endodontic treatment, inflammation destroys the bone around the tooth, which may require its removal.”

If you are experiencing pain or are delaying your dental check-up, don’t delay it any longer.

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