Era of New Women: interview with doctor Urszula Leończak

Today on the Era New Women portal, our doctor Urszula Leończak, specializing in root canal treatment, is on the first page.

Journalist Magdalena Kuszewska in a conversation with Dr. Leończak breaks myths about endodontics and more.

“There was a time when root canal treatment was really scary.
It was associated with pain and the need for several visits.

And today we can complete it in just one visit, which lasts a maximum of two hours.
The procedure is performed under full anesthesia, so it often happens that the patient falls asleep in the chair in the office!
And then I hear that someone could finally lie down in peace, take a break from duties, from the rush…” says Dr. Leończak.

We encourage you to read the entire interview!

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