The main problems of the patient who came to the clinic were worn teeth, their missing teeth and unsatisfactory shape.  After a thorough examination and diagnosis, treatment of carious lesions, repeated root canal treatment (Dr. Urszula Leończak) and removal of those teeth that had no prognosis (Dr. Bartosz Leończak) were proposed.

The orthodontic treatment suggested by our specialists was not accepted by the patient.  The restorations, in accordance with her wishes, are not removable/removable, but permanently attached, which was allowed by the arrangement of the teeth.  The doctor suggested performing implant-prosthetic reconstructions (Doctor Bartosz Leończak), but they would require the regeneration of the atrophied bone, which would prolong the treatment process, but the patient did not agree to this solution either.  After presenting the mock up project and approval, teeth were developed for the target works (Dr. Tomasz Kupryś).  Temporary restorations in the shape of final restorations were placed.

During the next visit, crowns/bridges/veneers were tried on in the shape of the final work (try-in).  The patient was already delighted at this stage.  At the next visit, all restorations were cemented and follow-up visits were scheduled.

Doctors: M.D. dentist Msc. Urszula Leończak, dental surgeon Bartosz Leończak