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At the Warsaw Dental Center, we know how important a team work is. The best results can only be achieved by working together, using the individual talents of individual team members at different stages of treatment. Thank to this philosophy, commitment and many years of experience, our doctors enjoy recognition and trust among patients.


Dentist MSc Urszula Leończak

specialized in endodontics (root canal treatment)

She specializes in endodontics (root canal treatment). She conducts professional endodontic training for Polish and foreign doctors. Appreciated also by the scientific community, she became a member of the research group at the Military Medical Institute. As a specialist in her field, she is the consultant in the Kavo Kerr dental company. Empathic and understanding approach to patients is very important to her. In her work she values professionalism, that's why she constantly raises her professional qualifications through participation in numerous trainings and courses (domestic and foreign, including in Berlin, Brussels, Spain, Guatemala).

The graduate of the Warsaw Medical Academy. After graduating, she continued her education at the International University of Catalonia in Barcelona. In 2018 she obtained the Master of Endodontics title. She gained her experience working for many years in prestigious Warsaw dental clinics.

Dentist Bartosz Leończak

dental surgeon

At the Warsaw Dental Center, he carries out treatments in the field of dental surgery. Expanding his skills and knowledge, he is currently specializing in the field of dental surgery. On a daily basis, he is also associated with the CWPL CePeLek Central Military Clinic. As a very ambitious and precise doctor, he constantly improves his skills at numerous specialist courses.

The graduate of the Medical and Dental Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw. He graduated, among others, Curriculum of Mini-invasive Implantology at Duda Clinic College of Dental, Medicine Professional Global System AIC Advanced Course DR Yongesng and Cho Seoul Thommen Medical Education 'Implants in the Cosmetic Zone' Dr Ueli Grunder.

Dentist Tomasz Kupryś


At the Warsaw Dental Center, he performs comprehensive prosthetic procedures. In his work, he values a friendly atmosphere of trust. Over the years, he has managed to build excellent relationships with patients. He has extensive experience in working with complex cases, including people after severe accidents and difficult life experiences. Taking up the fight for a better life of patients, he presented his attitude and excellent skills in the television program "Secrets of Physicians (Sekrety Lekarzy)" (broadcast on TVN).
He is a member of the PASE Polish Academy of Dentistry and the International Academy of Aesthetics (Dr. Ed McLaren), which provide an excellent platform for the exchange of information, knowledge and experience between doctors.
On a daily basis, he is passionate about sports and healthy lifestyle, as well as an animal lover.

The graduate of the Medical University in Lublin. Continuing his education, he completed internships, among others, at the State Dental Clinic in Russia, he is currently applying for the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry curriculum diploma. He participated in many trainings in Poland and abroad, as well as in prestigious lectures by Dr. Mauro Fradeani in Italy and in Switzerland and by dr. Alexandra Meyenberg in Moscow.

Dr n. med. Łukasz Zadrożny

dental surgeon

He is clinically involved in minimally invasive implantology, peri-implant and dental surgery. He works with enlargement, for planning and performing implantological procedures he uses the newest CAD/CAM technologies. In implant and regenerative treatments within the jawbone, he often uses templates and computer navigation. Thanks to used technologies, when it is necessary to remove the tooth with simultaneous load of temporary work on the implant/-s, he successfully performs immediate implantations. This is extremely important for aesthetic reasons, and it significantly shortens the treatment time. He runs trainings and courses for physicians, mostly in the field of modern and minimally invasive surgical and implantological techniques and sewing techniques.

A dental practitioner, a Medical University of Warsaw graduate. A long-time employee of a Medical University of Warsaw; at the moment a senior lecturer at Department of Dental Propedeutics and Dental Prophylaxis. He conducts research on 3D printing, and the accuracy of implant procedures with surgical templates. Visiting lecturer at Semmelveiss University in Budapest in Hungary, and University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. A Member of The Young Scientists Council at Medical University of Warsaw. In March 2018 he gained a Doctor of Medicine Science degree. In 2013 he started the specialization in dental surgery. A lecturer at Osstem AIC Polska and European Course Direktor AIC – the second biggest organization in the world, working on comprehensive training in the field of implantology.

Joanna Orlińska


Agnieszka Romanowska


Emilia Potajczuk


Agnieszka Borkowska