Root canal treatment in one visit [case report]

Patients often do not realize that there are various methods to save their teeth.
Extraction, or removal, is the fastest way to get rid of the problem, but it is also irreversible.
Removing a tooth leaves an empty space that would need to be filled, resulting in more frequent visits to the dentist and higher costs.

Root canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment, is a way to preserve your tooth even for the rest of your life.
Its aim is to remove microorganisms from the root canals and prevent inflammation of the bones around the tooth.

This type of treatment is predictable, safe and effective thanks to appropriate knowledge, skills and the use of modern equipment.
At the Warsaw Dental Center dental clinic, an endodontist, i.e. a doctor specializing in root canal treatment, is equipped with the most modern tools.

A patient came to Dr. Urszula Leończak seeking help in the treatment of his lower right tooth number six, which, according to several dentists, was a candidate for removal.

After an appropriate diagnosis, Dr. Leończak decided to perform root canal treatment on this tooth again.
The procedures of this treatment are aimed at eliminating bacteria from the root canals and supporting the healing process of the tissues surrounding the tooth.

The first stage is to develop the channels, i.e. give them the appropriate shape, which significantly reduces the number of microorganisms.

The second stage includes irrigation and disinfection using special bactericidal preparations and their activation techniques.
This is a key way to eliminate microorganisms from the canals.

The last stage is to tightly fill the cleaned channels with a special material.
The entire treatment procedure takes place under the control of a microscope and using modern technologies, and takes about 90 minutes.

The patient, following the doctor’s recommendations, returned for a check-up six months later.
The tooth did not show any symptoms, and on the examination performed

After the X-ray examination, almost complete healing of the bones around the roots was visible.

Now the tooth is ready for a crown to be placed, which will protect its interior from bacteria and enable the patient to function normally while chewing food.
Root canal treatment is quick, painless and performed under local anesthesia.
In 99% of cases, it is done in one visit, and a follow-up is recommended after 6 months.

The effectiveness of ka

nałowego treatment reaches up to 96%.
Modern technologies allow them to be performed using a microscope.

Warsaw Dental Center Root canal treatment

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