Root canal treatment: why is prevention so important?

Untreated caries poses a serious threat to the health of our teeth.
Damaged tissues require the intervention of an endodontic specialist.
Fortunately, at Warsaw Dental Center, root canal treatment is painless and performed in just one visit.

We regularly emphasize how important prevention and proper oral hygiene are.
These simple practices help prevent serious dental problems.
Unfortunately, not everyone realizes the seriousness of this issue and ignores doctors’ recommendations.

We talked to Dr. Urszula Leończak, an expert in the field of endodontics, about the effects of negligence in patients requiring root canal treatment.

“Symptoms of caries may include pain when eating sweet, hot or cold foods. In this early stage, the tooth may not yet require root canal treatment. However, if we neglect to visit the dentist, the condition of the tooth will worsen and bacteria will reach the pulp. This will cause
inflammation that will require endodontic intervention,” explains Dr. Urszula Leończak, a specialist in endodontic treatments at Warsaw Dental Center.

Ignoring the need for root canal treatment can also lead to inflammation of the bone around the tooth roots.
The consequences for a patient who avoids visiting a doctor are extremely painful.
“There is a risk of abscess, swelling and severe pain. General symptoms such as fever and chills may occur. If endodontic treatment is not undertaken, the inflammation will destroy the bone around the tooth, which may ultimately require tooth extraction,” adds Dr. Urszula Leończak.

If you are experiencing pain or are delaying your regular visit to the dentist, do not delay.
Remember that the earlier you diagnose the problem, the more effectively it can be treated.
It is important to be aware of the consequences of neglecting your oral health.

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