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How much does root canal treatment cost under a microscope?

Root canal treatment under a microscope, also known as endodontic treatment, is an advanced field of dentistry.
It focuses on the treatment of diseases of the pulp and periapical tissues and often allows avoiding tooth extraction.
Thanks to modern technologies, endodontics has become faster, more precise and comfortable for the patient.
The use of a microscope allows for thorough cleaning of all tooth canals, shortening treatment time and limiting visits to the dentist.

How is root canal treatment performed?

The main goal is to remove inflamed or dead pulp from the tooth, including the root canals, most often caused by caries.
Bacteria that attack dentin lead to inflammation and pain.
Treatment begins with careful preparation of the tooth canals under a microscope, cleaning and widening them, and then filling them with a material that prevents further infections.

Why is root canal treatment under a microscope important?

Modern dentistry uses advanced techniques and tools.
The microscope allows you to precisely determine the shape of the roots and identify any irregularities.
The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia, which makes it almost painless.
The patient is in a lying position, which increases comfort.

What are the steps after treatment?

After root canal treatment, teeth often require prosthetic reconstruction.
At Warsaw Dental Center, reconstruction using CAD/CAM technology is proposed, lasting approximately two hours, depending on the situation.
As a result, the patient receives comprehensive therapy in one day.

When is root canal treatment used?

Cases with irreversible pulpitis qualify for it.
Root canal treatment using a microscope is also used in the case of teeth with unusual shapes, after injuries, requiring retreatment or in situations where tools have been damaged.

How much does such treatment cost?

The cost depends on the number of channels to be developed.
In Warsaw Denta

l Center prices range from PLN 1,000 for a single-canal tooth to PLN 1,700 for a four-canal tooth.
Sometimes repeated treatment is required, the cost of which is determined individually.

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