How much does microscope assisted root canal treatment cost ?

Root Canal Treatment Under a Microscope, also known as endodontic treatment, is an advanced field of dentistry that focuses on treating diseases of the pulp and periapical tissues. This innovative approach often helps avoid tooth extraction. Thanks to modern technology, endodontics has become faster, more precise, and more comfortable for patients. Using a microscope allows for thorough cleaning of all tooth canals, shortening treatment time and reducing dental visits.


How does root canal treatment work?

The main goal is to remove inflamed or dead pulp, usually caused by decay, from the tooth, including the root canals. Bacteria attacking the dentin lead to inflammation and pain. Treatment begins with meticulous preparation of the tooth canals under a microscope, followed by cleaning, widening, and then filling with a material that prevents further infection.

Why is microscope assisted root canal treatment important?

Modern dentistry uses advanced techniques and tools. The microscope allows for precise determination of root shapes and identification of any abnormalities. The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia, making it almost painless. The patient lies down during treatment, enhancing comfort.

Where can you find a clinic specializing in microscope-assisted root canal treatment?

Endodontics is a rapidly evolving field in dentistry. Root canal treatment is fundamental to comprehensive dental care, so the better and more precise it is, the more predictable the results of the entire treatment plan. Warsaw Dental Center specializes in microscope-assisted treatment, especially for root canals. Our doctors are highly experienced, having trained in the best centers in Europe and the USA. Teamwork, the opportunity for case consultations, and years of experience mean that microscope-assisted root canal treatment at Warsaw Dental Center is predictable and effective. State-of-the-art, high-quality equipment built by industry giants like Leica and Zeiss helps us save many teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted.

Is it worth investing in microscope assisted root canal treatment instead of traditional methods?

Microscope-assisted root canal treatment offers many advantages over non-magnified treatment, making it worth investing time, money, and energy in finding the right clinic specializing in this method. Many patients come to Warsaw Dental Center from all over Poland and the world just for root canal treatment. The microscope provides significant magnification of the small structures of teeth and their canals, making the procedure much more precise and effective. Dentists using a microscope can thoroughly clean, disinfect, and fill thin root canals.

Microscope-assisted dentists can see more details, like additional canals and cracks, which might remain unnoticed without a microscope and could affect the tooth’s prognosis and treatment plan. By detecting these details, dentists can address them, resolving tooth problems more effectively.

Another advantage of using a microscope is improved treatment quality and comfort. Treatment is usually more efficient, completed in one visit instead of several, as with traditional root canal methods. Microscope use makes treatment more effective and successful, and teeth treated this way can function for a lifetime.

Although microscope-assisted root canal treatment can be more expensive than traditional methods, the benefits it offers are worth considering.


What are the main benefits of microscope assisted root canal treatment ?

1. Treatment is more effective.
2. It’s comfortable for the patient.
3. It’s usually completed in one visit, saving the patient’s time.
3. Microscope-assisted treatment is more precise, as the dentist “sees more.”
4. Clinics specializing in microscope-assisted treatment have greater consulting capabilities and more comprehensive treatment experience.

In summary, choosing microscope-assisted root canal treatment is recommended and worth the investment. Thanks to precise and thorough treatment, patients can keep their teeth for many years.

The animation below shows the stages of root canal treatment under a microscope.

How much does microscope assisted root canal treatment cost?

At Warsaw Dental Center, prices range from 1,300 PLN for an incisor to 2,000 PLN for a molar. The price depends on the initial condition of the tooth, whether it’s the first root canal treatment or a repeat, and whether there are obstacles in the canals, such as broken instruments that the dentist should remove. The price of treatment is influenced by the number of canals in the tooth, so treating an incisor with one canal is cheaper (about 1,300 PLN) than treating a molar that may have up to four canals (2,000 PLN). Repeat root canal treatments are more expensive than initial ones due to the greater workload and material usage. Additionally, complications in previously treated canals, such as broken instruments or perforations, increase the cost of the entire treatment.

How are the cost of root canal treatment calculated ?

The cost of root canal treatment is calculated during a consultation visit with an endodontist, who assesses the condition of the tooth and its prognosis based on an interview and radiological examinations. The price of root canal treatment can reach up to 2,500-3,000 PLN, which is the upper limit, with standard microscope-assisted treatment ranging between 1,800-2,000 PLN.

Will I be explained the costs of root canal treatment before treatment ?

Of course, we believe in total transparency and communication. Our doctors at Warsaw Dental Center will explain to you why you need the treatment, what will be included in your treatment and what each parts of the treatment will cost. Our expert dentists at WDC, will create a treatment plan tailored for you and explain the length and costs of each part of the treatment plan during your consultation.


Comprehensive and painless root canal therapy in one day.

After root canal treatment, teeth often require prosthetic reconstruction. Warsaw Dental Center offers reconstruction using CAD/CAM technology, which takes about two hours depending on the situation. As a result, the patient receives comprehensive therapy in one day.

When is root canal treatment used?

We at Warsaw Dental Center recommend root canal treatment only in cases of irreversible pulp inflammation. Microscope-assisted root canal treatment is also applied to teeth with unusual shapes, after injuries, requiring retreatment, or in situations where tool damage has occurred.

Article written on September 30, 2022 and updated on January 24, 2024 based on the latest technology and research.

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