Halitosis: an embarrassing problem that can be fought

Bad breath is a problem that can lead to many unpleasant situations and indicate serious health issues.
Instead of experimenting with DIY solutions, it is worth consulting a doctor, such as dentist Bartosz Leończak, to receive professional care.

Halitosis, known as bad breath, is a common condition affecting up to 80% of the population, both men and women.Bad breath may occur throughout the day or periodically, for example after waking up or after eating a meal. Most often, halitosis results from improper oral hygiene, accounting for as many as 87% of diagnosed cases. Neglect in oral hygiene leads to the accumulation of tartar and food remains, creating an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi. This, in turn, may lead to caries, gum problems or mucosal inflammation.In such cases, it is recommended to brush your teeth thoroughly using an appropriate technique and to use antiseptic mouthwashes regularly, preferably after each meal.

Special attention should also be paid to daily hygiene in people using acrylic dentures. Because acrylic is a porous material, bacteria can easily grow on its surface. Bad breath may also indicate early symptoms of periodontal disease, a gum disease that often appears in people over 40. This disease results from the presence of bacteria in dental plaque that penetrate the gum pockets, causing inflammation.
As a result, the tissues around the teeth and jawbone may be damaged. It is best to entrust the removal of tartar to specialists, such as a dentist or hygienist, who will perform a professional cleaning procedure.
Untreated periodontal disease may lead to tooth loss.

Another common cause of bad breath is xerostomia, i.e. dry mouth, caused by, among others, taking certain medications (especially e.g. diuretics used to treat hypertension) and breathing through the mouth. Lack of proper oral hydration promotes the accumulation of dead cells on the tongue and gums, which leads to an unpleasant odor. It is worth noting that the problem of bad breath may result not only from dental issues, but also from other diseases.

Therefore, it is worth consulting a doctor for accurate diagnosis and professional care. The competent help of a dentist like Bartosz Leończak can help you solve the problem of bad breath by adapting proper oral hygiene and identifying potential related health problems.

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