Dental braces – when is orthodontic treatment necessary?

Correcting tooth alignment using orthodontic technologies is becoming more and more popular.
A dazzling smile not only increases your attractiveness, but is also a sign of health.

Why is it worth choosing orthodontic braces?

The most important argument for choosing braces is the correction of bite irregularities, which results in the perfect alignment of the teeth and improvement of the facial contour.
Correct arrangement of teeth makes it much easier to maintain oral hygiene, which also reduces the risk of caries. Dr. Bartosz Leończak, an expert from the Warsaw Dental Center clinic, explains that evenly distributing the load on the teeth prevents injuries and emphasizes that the correct positioning of teeth supports the treatment of temporomandibular joint problems and reduces the frequency of headaches.

When should you consider orthodontic braces?

Specialists from Warsaw Dental Center indicate that the main criteria to be followed when making this decision are:

  • genetically determined bite problems;
  • headache and jaw pain caused by incorrect bite;
  • occlusal irregularities such as underbite, underbite or open bite;
  • difficulties in pronunciation and communication;
  • lisp or tendency to break teeth;
  • falling out of fillings or fillings.

The process of bite correction in children is usually less complicated than in adult patients, where the defect may be much deeper, so if the doctor suggests starting treatment, it is worth making a quick decision.

When to start orthodontic treatment in children?

The key to making this decision is the individual pace of development and the pace at which permanent teeth appear. There is no strict age. However, it is usually between the ages of ten and fourteen.

Orthodontic treatment in children can be divided into two main stages:

  • Initial treatment – carried out before all permanent teeth appear, it focuses on serious malocclusions.
  • Advanced treatment – focuses on

final positioning of teeth using advanced orthodontic techniques.

The key is to maintain good hygiene during treatment.
Many people have difficulty with this, because having braces requires even greater commitment, so regular visits to a hygienist are necessary – emphasizes Wioletta Zawierucha from Warsaw Dental Center.

Warsaw Dental Center offers professional orthodontic consultations, tailored to the needs of each patient.

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