Diabetes – a disease that can be diagnosed by a dentist

Diabetes is a disease whose early diagnosis can be made easier by visiting a dentist. What symptoms may a doctor observe during a dental examination? How can prevention help diabetic patients avoid further development of the disease? We decided to ask Dr. Bartosz Leończak about it.

Early detection of diabetes

Diabetes is a diverse group of metabolic diseases characterized by chronic hyperglycemia, which results from impaired secretion or improper action of insulin. There are three main types of diabetes: insulin-dependent, non-insulin-dependent and diabetes occurring in pregnant women. Estimates suggest that approximately 2 million people suffer from the disease in Poland, of which as many as 90 percent are patients with type II diabetes (non-insulin-dependent).

This disease is often asymptomatic for many years, but causes multi-organ damage.
When a person goes to a dentist’s office, he or she is often unaware of his or her health condition.
That is why a thorough medical interview is so important, in which you should ask about oral hydration, recurrent infections and the level of thirst. Thanks to this, the dentist can significantly contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.

The oral health of diabetic patients depends on the duration of the disease and the stability of blood glucose levels. It has been shown that people with diabetes have a much worse condition of their teeth and periodontium than healthy people.

This phenomenon results from, among others,
from higher glucose concentration in saliva, weakened salivary gland function and reduced amount of saliva secretion. Diabetes patients are more susceptible to caries, periodontitis, oral fungal infections and burning mouth syndrome. Therefore, it is important to introduce preventive measures at an early stage: more frequent check-ups, appropriate diet, use of mouthwashes or agents that stimulate saliva secretion, as well as adjusting the intake of prosthetic fillings.

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