Composite filling – what is it and when is it used?

Composite filling is an innovative filling that replaced the previously used amalgam. Although amalgam is durable, it is not aesthetic. However, the color of the composite can be adjusted to the color of the tooth, which makes it look natural.

What is a composite filling?

The composite has a complex structure and consists of at least two components with various properties. By combining them, you get the best features of each. Composite fillings can be plastic or liquid, which allows them to be used to fill carious cavities. After application, the composite is hardened with the light of a special lamp. The excess material is then ground and removed by the dentist, leaving the repaired tooth looking intact.

When is composite filling used?

This type of filling is mainly used to repair cavities in teeth. Reasons for use may include:

  • caries;
  • toothache;
  • discoloration;
  • mechanical damage to teeth.
  • Composite fillings are less invasive and allow the reconstruction of damaged tooth fragments.
    They can be used on virtually all teeth. They are also used to repair primary teeth in children or replace old amalgam fillings.

What does the procedure look like?

  1. The composite filling procedure includes:
  2. patient anesthesia;
  3. removal of caries using specialized tools, sometimes under a microscope;
  4. application of composite filling, which has several stages.
    The dentist first applies a special gel that prepares the tooth for connection with the composite.
    After rinsing, the place is there
  5. dried and lubricated with a special liquid.
    Then the dentist applies several layers of composite, which are hardened with light;
  6. the final stage is to adjust the filling to the patient’s bite.A professionally made composite filling ensures a beautiful smile and a healthy patient.The dentist must select the appropriate composite according to the characteristics of the tooth.

Advantages of composite filling

Composite filling is appreciated by patients and doctors, below ewez:

adheres exactly to the tooth;

  • is durable;
  • it is aesthetic;
  • is safe;
  • it is relatively cheap compared to other dental treatments.

However, it should be remembered that composite fillings may also have disadvantages, especially in large cavities.

  • Disadvantages of composite filling

Common defects include:

  • color change by drinking coffee, tea or smoking;
  • need to be replaced every few years;

It may not be a suitable material for large cavities. Even minor defects can lead to serious problems, so it is worth treating them quickly. The cost of a composite filling at Warsaw Dental Center is: PLN 480-650

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