Conservative Dentistry

A healthy, beautiful smile is a dream for all of us. Often, we encounter negligence on the part of patients who come to our Warsaw Dental Center when something worrisome starts to happen.

Conservative Dentistry Services

A healthy, dazzling smile is the desire of many of us. We often encounter situations where patients come to our Warsaw Dental Center when they begin to notice certain problems. In these moments, we want to convey to them that the key is proper prevention, which significantly reduces the risk of serious oral diseases. A dental examination involves a thorough visual and palpation analysis of the lips, tongue, cheek mucosa, palate, and gums. Then, the dentist carefully observes the dental arches. We have advanced medical equipment that allows for a precise diagnosis and effective treatment.

The next step is conservative dentistry, which aims to repair damaged teeth. This includes filling cavities, removing plaque, placing bridges, implants, and possibly crowns. This way, we can restore the natural and healthy appearance of the teeth and protect against oral diseases.

What is dental caries and what are its symptoms?

Treatment of tooth decay is one of the aspects of conservative dentistry. It is an oral disease caused by streptococcal bacteria. For it to develop, it needs suitable conditions. It occurs when a patient consumes an excessive amount of sugars, and the oral cavity is overly acidic. However, we must remember that genetic factors also contribute to the development of tooth decay. The lack of a proper diagnosis in a timely manner often leads to serious tooth damage and even the risk of losing the tooth.

So, what are the symptoms of tooth decay?

  • Visible cavities in the teeth
  • Characteristic spots
  • Irritating odor from the oral cavity
  • Frequent toothaches

Among the most commonly used methods for treating tooth decay is the removal of decay by a dentist, thorough cleaning of the tooth, and the use of high-quality filling materials such as porcelain, tooth-colored composite resins, and artificial materials. When a patient experiences severe toothache, sometimes it is necessary to perform root canal treatment to eliminate the decay. This method of treatment is used for highly advanced tooth decay cases, where there is inflammation of the tooth pulp. The dentist, when starting root canal treatment, cleans the teeth of decay, removes the pulp, and cleans the tooth canals. Following this, the canals are filled, and the tooth is built up. At our Warsaw Dental Center, we use advanced endodontic equipment, allowing for very precise canal measurements and showing them in a very large magnification. This ensures the procedure is carried out with great precision and enables thorough treatment. We recommend check-ups every six months after the treatment.

Sealing teeth

Lakowanie zębów is a very important part of conservative dentistry. Its purpose is to protect teeth from the onset of decay. The sealant is applied to the chewing surface of the teeth and in the fissures, reducing the risk of plaque accumulation. This preventive procedure is used in our clinic by a dentist for children around the age of 6, when their permanent teeth start to appear.

At our Warsaw Dental Center in Warsaw, we ensure to educate patients on how to prevent tooth decay. Among the fundamental preventive measures is regular and, above all, thorough tooth brushing. It’s essential to replace the toothbrush every few months. Dental floss also helps maintain dental hygiene. Pediatric dentistry includes regular check-ups for children and fluoride treatments. This way, the dentist keeps the child’s teeth in good condition and monitors their overall health. In our clinic in Warsaw, we always encourage patients to have regular check-up visits.

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