Medical interview – why is it so important?

A medical interview is part of the first visit to the dentist’s office.
It is as important as an examination of the patient’s oral cavity or comprehensive photographic documentation and radiological diagnostics.

During the conversation, the doctor can initially determine the patient’s habits, get acquainted with the disease history (possibly find out about chronic diseases that affect the treatment), determine whether and what medications he takes (concealing this information has negative consequences for the patient’s health).

A properly collected interview enables making a preliminary diagnosis and proceeding to the next stages of treatment.
Interestingly, the dentist often asks about the type of work performed, possibly mental problems, phobias or childhood traumas.

Let’s always give true answers, because the level of our stress has a significant impact on e.g. tooth wear, dysfunctions in the temporomandibular joint, etc.
Our eating habits are also important – the type of diet, the frequency of meals, etc.
This information, in turn, can help prevent the development of tooth decay.

A holistic approach to the patient is the basis of the WDC philosophy.
After preparing the appropriate documentation, our team of specialists prepares a comprehensive treatment plan, which details all the necessary treatments that we need to perform.

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