When should you consider implant treatment at age 4?

Dr. Bartosz Leończak  and Łukasz Stefański planning the all on 4 procedure

Tooth loss, resulting from a variety of factors such as oral health problems, trauma, or advanced tooth decay, can significantly impact oral function. It is necessary to effectively solve this problem, and one of the most modern approaches is the reconstruction method with 4 implants.

What is a 4 restoration dental implant?

4-up restorations, also known as full-arch implants, consist of four titanium implant posts connected to a denture panel.

They are placed at fixed intervals in the jawbone along the dental arch.

The main goal of this technique is the comprehensive reconstruction of the dental arch, improving both the aesthetics of the smile and the effectiveness of the bite.

Reconstruction implantation procedure on the 4th stage

  • A perfect alternative for missing teeth.
  • Minimal treatments, taking approximately two hours for each arch.
  • It avoids the need for bone grafts by placing implants in the densest areas of the jaw.
  • The entire procedure, from implant placement to prosthesis attachment, can be completed in one session.

Differences between the 4-piece reconstruction system, dentures and traditional implants:

Traditional implants vs. reconstruction on 4:

  • Both procedures involve placing metal implants into the jawbone.
  • The 4 restoration method is less invasive, using only four implants instead of 8-10, eliminating stress on the face and reducing healing time.

Dentures vs. reconstruction on 4:

  • Dentures are a cheaper option but require regular removal and cleaning.
  • reconstruction on 4 is a more permanent solution because the implants are permanently attached.
  • It does not require frequent updates, which increases patient comfort.

Advantages of dental restoration treatment in 4:

  • Fast and safe procedure.
  • Less invasive compared to other reconstructive procedures.
  • Effective in many cases of tooth loss.
  • Easy to keep clean, just like natural teeth.
  • No need to use glue.
  • Comfortable, without rubbing the gums.
  • High-quality aesthetic results.
  • No need to give up specific diets.
  • Improved self-esteem and overall well-being.
  • Restoring facial proportions and minimizing bone degradation.

In conclusion, 4-type reconstruction implants are becoming a popular choice due to their effectiveness, speed of the procedure and comfort for patients. This allows you to achieve a natural smile in a short time and shortens the recovery period compared to other methods.

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