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What was the topic of the last episode?
Disturbing statistics – the condition of teeth among Poles leaves much to be desired.

Recent studies bring disturbing results.
Three-year-olds have on average three damaged teeth, fifteen-year-olds have as many as eight, and forty-year-olds have seventeen.
Finding a Pole without dental caries is a real challenge.
More than 40% of us live to old age without our own teeth.

We also do not properly keep our mouths clean: nearly four million of us do not brush our teeth regularly, and one million do not even have a personal toothbrush!

Women are more concerned about oral hygiene and brush their teeth more often.
Men, unfortunately, do not attach such importance to it.

Research also reveals that almost all Poles are afraid of visiting the dentist, and 30% of respondents admit to dental phobia, i.e. a paralyzing fear of visiting the dentist.
What to fear?
Why are our teeth in such a condition?
What are the solutions?

We invite you to the next episode with our specialists on October 27 at 2:55 p.m.

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