Urszula Leończak and Aneta Zmorzyńska in ELLE POLSKA

Urszula Leończak and Aneta Zmorzyńska in an Interview for ELLE POLS


Doctors from Warsaw Dental Center, Dr. Urszula Leończak and Dr. Aneta Zmorzyńska, gave an inspiring interview for ELLE magazine.
This conversation is an excellent opportunity to understand why you should not be afraid of visiting the dentist!


A visit to the dentist’s office no longer has to be associated with a traumatic experience.
The modern approach to dentistry means that toothache is only a signal that it is worth taking steps to quickly solve the problem so that the patient can get rid of the bothersome ailment.
But how to achieve this?

👉🏻 Doctor Urszula Leończak and doctor Aneta Zmorzyńska, representing Warsaw Dental Center, talked about it in detail in an interview for ELLE!

👉🏻 Please read the full article here: https://bit.ly/3jucbb9

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