Treatment under anesthesia

The treatment under general anesthesia that we offer to our patients is becoming more and more popular.
Because it is a perfect solution for people suffering from dental phobia – the fear of the dentist.

General anesthesia at the dentist significantly reduces the anxiety associated with treatment.
In our renowned clinic, we specialize in ensuring comfort and peace of mind for patients during the procedure thanks to the use of professional general anesthesia.

Procedures performed under general anesthesia are absolutely safe, which is due to the cooperation of two teams: dental and anesthesiological. The entire process is supervised by an experienced doctor and qualified staff who precisely control the dose of the administered sedative.
The role of the anesthesiologist is particularly important during the procedure – he constantly monitors the patient’s condition, which ensures the highest level of safety.


We are aware that combining dentistry with anesthesiology guarantees the safe procedure and the patient’s peace of mind.
In our center, we offer effective and painless dental treatment under general anesthesia.
We have high-class anesthetic facilities that ensure the health and comfort of the person undergoing the procedure.

The use of anesthesia perfectly helps people struggling with dental phobia – most of our patients experience a reduction in stress related to a visit to the dentist after the first visit to our clinic.
Moreover, this method is also ideal for people with dental hypersensitivity and patients with limited mobility.

It is worth emphasizing that if there are no contraindications, we can perform a variety of procedures under general anesthesia, including surgical, endodontic, prosthetic, implantological and orthodontic procedures.

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