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Teeth sandblasting – what does this treatment provide?

Teeth sandblasting is a routine dental procedure aimed at removing dirt, plaque and tartar.
This is an important procedure that supports maintaining proper oral hygiene, and performing it regularly can help minimize problems related to dental plaque.

Definition and purpose of tooth sandblasting

Tooth sandblasting is a process of cleaning the teeth and the spaces between them with water and a special powder from deposits, food remains, bacteria and tartar.
This treatment aims to maintain the health of the oral cavity, prevent the accumulation of tartar and remove discoloration caused by the consumption of coloring substances.

Frequency of sandblasting teeth

It is recommended to sandblast your teeth at least every six months.
For people with sensitive gums or a tendency to quickly accumulate plaque, the dentist may adjust the frequency of the treatment.

Teeth sandblasting procedure

During tooth sandblasting, a special suspension of dental sand is used to clean the teeth and the spaces between them.
Through high pressure, sand particles remove impurities.
The procedure itself is usually short, lasting from a dozen to several dozen minutes, and although usually painless, it may cause some discomfort in people with sensitive gums.

Effects of teeth sandblasting

Regularly performed sandblasting of teeth brings beneficial results.
In addition to removing tartar and preventing caries and gum disease, it can improve the aesthetics of your teeth by removing superficial discolorations.
However, tooth sandblasting is not equivalent to a teeth whitening procedure.

Recommendations after sandblasting teeth

After sandblasting your teeth, it is recommended to avoid eating products with intense staining effects for about 24 hours.
You should avoid coffee, tea, beetroot juice or coloring foods to maintain the effects of the treatment.

Sandblasting teeth during pregnancy

During pregnancy, special care is recommended for the condition of the cavity

Dental sandblasting is safe and even recommended to prevent gum problems and maintain dental health.
Regular visits to the dentist during this period can minimize the risk of caries and gum inflammation.

To sum up, sandblasting teeth is an important procedure that supports oral hygiene and prevents many dental problems.
The regularity of this treatment, tailored to the individual needs of the patient, may bring positive health and aesthetic effects.

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