Root canal treatment under a microscope

Patients often think that tooth extraction is the only option.
Tooth removal, i.e. extraction, is a quick, but also irreversible solution to the problem.
After tooth extraction, an empty space remains that must be filled, which involves additional procedures and higher costs.
To preserve your natural tooth throughout your life, it is worth considering root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment.
The main goal of this type of therapy is to eliminate microorganisms from the root canals and prevent inflammation of the bones around the tooth.

Thanks to specialist knowledge, advanced equipment and skills, root canal treatment is safe and effective.
This process consists of many parts that lead to the elimination of bacteria from the root canals, which in turn accelerates the healing process of the tissues surrounding the tooth.

The first step is to develop the channels, i.e. give them the right shape, which allows for the reduction of the population of microorganisms.

The next step is thorough irrigation and disinfection, using special bactericidal agents combined with appropriate activation techniques.
This is the most important part of eliminating microorganisms from the sewers.

The last step is to tightly fill the cleaned channels with a special material.
The entire root canal treatment procedure takes about ninety minutes and another visit is usually not needed.

The most important information about root canal treatment at WDC is:

  • Thanks to local anesthesia, the treatment is virtually painless and quick. In 99 percent of cases, one visit is sufficient.
  • A follow-up visit is recommended 6 months after completion of treatment.
  • The effectiveness of root canal treatment reaches up to 96 percent.
  • Endodontists use a microscope, which allows the procedure to be performed precisely and safely.

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