Pulled wisdom teeth – what can you eat and drink after the procedure?

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure after which the patient should follow the doctor’s instructions. This will reduce pain and the risk of complications, and the wound will heal better. Wisdom teeth are teeth that often grow incorrectly. They can grow under the gum or in the bone, so their extraction may lead to discomfort after the procedure, a wound that is difficult to heal or even loss of appetite. How do you deal with these symptoms and what can you do to alleviate them?

Why should you avoid certain foods and drinks?

Removing molars can be complicated, it all depends on the position of the tooth. Sometimes, when the figure eight is stuck, it is necessary to chisel and then put sutures. After tooth extraction, the oral surgeon cleans the socket and places a tampon for about 30 minutes to stop the bleeding. A clot then forms on the wound to protect against infection. The procedure is performed under anesthesia, so the patient does not feel pain. But after some time, the anesthesia wears off, so it is important to follow hygiene and post-treatment recommendations. One of them is to limit eating and drinking. These can cause excessive bleeding or clot disruption, leading to complications such as dry socket.

When to return to normal eating after wisdom tooth removal?

A frequently asked question is:

“How long should you not eat after wisdom tooth removal?”
According to the doctor’s recommendations, after tooth extraction you should not eat or drink for at least two hours. It is worth giving up hot foods and drinks for 24 hours. It is safest to eat food in semi-liquid form, avoiding biting and chewing for about a week. You can gradually introduce harder products into your diet.

What to eat after wisdom tooth removal?

It is recommended to eat summer, liquid foods. Good ones are:

  • cream soups,
  • kissel,
  • jelly,
  • yogurts,
  • ice-cream.

Many products, e.g. vegetables, can be pureed. Over time, when the pain subsides, you can start eating soft foods such as bread rolls, potatoes, oatmeal, pasta,

finely chopped dried fruit and cooked meat.

What to drink after wisdom tooth removal?

Patients often ask if they can drink coffee after tooth extraction. Although drinking plenty of fluids is recommended, there are some limitations. It is best to drink lukewarm water or cool herbal teas.

Can I drink alcohol and smoke after wisdom tooth removal?

After tooth extraction, you should not drink alcohol or smoke for at least one day, and preferably for 2-3 days. Alcohol irritates the wound, and smoking can lead to complications.

When to brush your teeth after wisdom tooth removal?

Oral hygiene is important, but having a wisdom tooth removed affects your daily routine. On the day of tooth extraction, you should not brush your teeth for at least 12 hours. Antibacterial fluids can be used to maintain cleanliness. It is important to maintain good hygiene to prevent infection and pain during healing.

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