Prosthetics at Warsaw Dental Center: will the doctor surprise you today?

Prosthetics at Warsaw Dental Center: what has the doctor prepared for you today?

Prosthetics is a dental specialty whose main goal is to supplement missing tissues in the masticatory system.

A prosthodontist is a specialist capable of reconstructing missing teeth and regenerating long-lost tissues.
In his work, he uses knowledge from various fields of dentistry and often cooperates with physiotherapists, psychologists and rheumatologists.

The modern approach to prosthetics involves not only the creation and installation of dentures, but also the prevention of changes caused by missing teeth.
Our experts offer high-quality reconstruction and various options for prosthetic restorations:

  • Skeletal dentures – made of metal, acrylic or composite.
  • Thanks to their smaller dimensions, they are well tolerated by many people.
  • Full restoration – used when the patient has lost all natural teeth.
    If all teeth need to be removed, immediate dentures are recommended, which help in the process of adapting to wearing them;
  • Aesthetic denture based on retention elements or implant-supported denture;
  • Partial restoration – used when one or more teeth are missing in the maxilla or mandible;
  • Prosthetic bridges – permanent solutions for filling gaps in teeth;
  • Veneers – thin, usually porcelain flakes that significantly improve the appearance of the smile, not only by changing the color of the teeth, but also by improving their shape;
  • Dental crowns – placed on a natural tooth or implant, made of various materials.
    They are used when the natural tooth crown is damaged.
  • Our goal is to ensure that, thanks to the knowledge and experience of our specialists, both dentists and dental technicians will provide treatment in line with patients’ expectations.

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