Teeth polishing – what does it involve and is it worth performing the procedure?

Teeth polishing, or “polishing”, is a procedure for cleaning teeth from deposits and coating, performed by a dental specialist.


Is it valuable and what does it look like?

White, healthy teeth are a goal that many of us strive for.
A sparkling smile attracts attention, makes us laugh more and makes us more open to others.
Teeth in good condition are a symbol not only of health, but also of self-care and proper hygiene.

To have a healthy and beautiful smile, it is worth visiting the dentist at least twice a year.
The purpose of these visits should not only be to monitor the condition of the oral cavity for caries and treat any possible problems, but also to remove tartar, which is the main cause of gum problems.
In addition to descaling and sandblasting, it is also worth having your teeth polished regularly.

What is the polishing procedure?

Polishing takes place after removing tartar and other deposits, i.e. after scaling and sandblasting.
They are treated as the final stage of cleaning the teeth from any impurities.
The procedure involves polishing the tooth surface using special tools and a special polishing paste, which additionally prevents the formation of new tartar.

It can be compared to the procedure of varnishing children’s teeth – although in the case of varnishing the aim is to protect against caries, and in polishing to prevent the formation of deposits.

A treatment for the whole family

The polishing process itself is short and painless.
This can be a great way to get kids used to going to the dentist.
To show children that going to the dentist can be a positive experience, parents can take them for polishing treatments.

It is also possible to combine it with teeth varnishing.
For example, if a family lives in Warsaw and wants to have their teeth varnished, they can also ask about the possibility of scaling and polishing.

This approach allows for comprehensive care for the oral health of the entire family.

Ko benefits of polishing

Polishing effects are:

  • brighter teeth,
  • smooth tooth surface,
  • protection against tartar.
  • How to prepare for polishing?

There are no specific requirements before the treatment, but it is worth remembering that polishing is performed after other treatments.

Therefore, before polishing, it is worth signing up for scaling and/or sandblasting.
After these treatments, the dentist will thoroughly clean and polish the teeth, protecting them against tartar.

Recommendations after the procedure

After polishing your teeth, it is a good idea to follow your dentist’s instructions.
You should avoid eating and drinking products that may stain your teeth for several hours after the procedure.

In conclusion, polishing your teeth is an important step in maintaining your oral health.
Performed together with scaling and sandblasting, it helps protect teeth against deposits and makes them smooth and shiny.
Thanks to this, we can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for longer.

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