Microscope in Dental Practice: The Key Role in the Dentist’s Work

Dentist Olga Rybińska with a microscope that she uses for all treatments

“The truth is that many people are afraid of the dentist.
Even though they know they need good dental care, they often wait until the pain becomes unbearable.
Their teeth may be falling out and they still put off going to the dentist.”
This is what the doctor says. dentist Olga Rybińska

Fortunately for you, Warsaw Dental Center offers microscopic dentistry.

Using this state-of-the-art procedure has many advantages, and here are some of them:

  • Magnification: Treatment using a microscope or loupes is much better than using the naked eye.
    All scientific research confirms this.
    Dentists who use magnification in their work see objects magnified up to 16 times, so they can be sure that they see exactly what they need to do their job properly.
    – adds Olga Rybińska, who uses a microscope every day.
  • Treatment is more conservative: Using a microscope, the dentist is even more precise.
    We can treat a smaller area with greater precision, which makes the entire process much more efficient.
  • Smaller incisions:By using magnification, the dentist will be able to make smaller incisions during surgical procedures, which in turn translates into less pain and discomfort. Less swelling, the treatment area is subjected to less trauma, which will result in less swelling
  • Faster healing:The healing time will be significantly shortened and you will be able to quickly return to your daily habits and pleasures. There are even times when you can go straight back to work rather than taking a few days off to let your mouth heal.
  • Precise placement of implant: “By using loupes, the surgeon is able to place the implants with even greater precision,” he says  Bartosz Leończak, surgeon and implantologist at Warsaw Dental Center.
  • The treatment is safer for the surrounding structures:  Using a microscope and loupes, we are able to be more precise and accurate and avoid contact with gums or other teeth during the procedure, so they are not damaged.
  • Even better documentation: Many microscopes are connected to monitors, cameras, or both, so we are able to show exactly what we found, as well as the procedure we performed.
    This can be a great way of communication between you and your dentist.
    You can also see exactly what we do or have done to your teeth and smile.

Don’t hesitate to contact Warsaw Dental Center.
Our doctors strive for precise, comfortable and quick treatment using magnification.
If you need root canal treatment, implants, beautiful and functional fillings, we invite you to the Warsaw Dental Center, where every doctor can see and do more.

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