Hygiene during orthodontic treatment

Oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment is extremely important. Doctor Aneta Zmorzyńska, our outstanding orthodontist, emphasizes how important it is to take proper care of your teeth while wearing braces.

Insufficient hygiene can lead to undesirable effects such as discoloration, tartar build-up, tooth decay, gingivitis and even bad breath.

At the renowned Warsaw Dental Center, we specialize in orthodontic treatment, using innovative methods such as transparent overlays (Invisalign aligners) and traditional orthodontic braces.

Treatment with the Invisalign system does not require changing hygiene habits.
The braces are easy to remove before brushing your teeth because they do not contain any locks or metal elements that may make it difficult to maintain proper hygiene.

If you have braces with brackets, brushing your teeth may take longer than before you had them installed. Let’s clean the areas where orthodontic brackets are located thoroughly, trying to reach every nook and cranny. Thanks to the appropriate accessories and following basic rules, everyday hygiene will become less complicated.

Irreplaceable accessories:

A special orthodontic toothbrush with shorter bristles, perfectly cleaning the areas around the brackets.
You can also choose a sonic or electric toothbrush with dedicated tips for people wearing braces.

  • A single-bundle toothbrush that facilitates cleaning of hard-to-reach interdental areas.
  • Wipers that will help remove food remnants from between teeth and orthodontic wires.
  • Toothpaste with fluoride, preferably the one we like and which meets our requirements.
  • Dental floss with durable ends, perfectly cleaning even the smallest spaces between teeth.
  • A mouthwash that not only freshens your breath, but also prevents the formation of tartar.
  • An irrigator that allows effective removal of plaques

and bacteria thanks to a stream of pressurized water.
Many models of irrigators offer pressure regulation, which is useful when washing delicate areas.

The basic rule is to brush your teeth after every meal.
Let’s also not forget about regular visits to the dental hygienist every six months to ensure professional cleaning of the oral cavity.

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