How to cure caries – effective treatment methods

Tooth decay – a ubiquitous health problem

The disease of tooth decay affects many of us and is one of the most common dental ailments.
Factors such as insufficient attention to oral hygiene, excessive sugar consumption or genetically determined enamel deficiency may lead to its development.
Children and adolescents are among those most at risk.
Unfortunately, research shows the alarming fact that only every second Pole takes proper care of their teeth, and statistics show that up to 90% of adults struggle with tooth decay.
That is why it is so important to develop proper hygiene habits from an early age.
But how to prevent tooth decay and what to do when it occurs?

What is dental caries?

The caries process results from the action of bacteria present in the mouth, which metabolize sugars from consumed products.
The result is a weakening of the enamel, which gives room for bacteria to attack the deeper layers of the tooth.
In the initial phase, caries manifests itself as a white spot, which becomes darker over time, signaling an advanced stage of the disease.
Importantly, dental caries is contagious.

Evolution and types of caries

The first stage is the decomposition of sugars by bacteria, which leads to weakening of the enamel.
Then, when the tooth structure becomes more brittle, the first visible changes appear, which can still be stopped without invasive treatment.
However, if tooth decay progresses, dental treatment is necessary.

The treatment process in the dentist’s office

When caries is diagnosed, a visit to a specialist is necessary.
Depending on the advancement of the disease, the dentist may use various treatment methods – from remineralization, through fillings, to root canal treatment in extreme cases.

Alternatives to traditional treatment

Modern dentistry offers many innovative methods of treating caries, such as Carisolv gel, ICON or treatment

While they are less invasive than traditional drilling, they do not always produce the same results.

How to care for your teeth at home?

Although the Internet is full of “home remedies” for tooth decay, none of them can replace a visit to a specialist.

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