Gingival plastic surgery – what is it? Indications and contraindications

The aesthetics of a smile is influenced not only by teeth, but also by gums.
Sometimes they may cover too much of the teeth, be swollen or irregular.
In such cases, periodontology is helpful, thanks to which you can regain a delightful smile through gingival plastic surgery.

What is gingival plastic surgery?

Gingivoplasty, also known as gingivoplasty or gingivectomy, is a specialized surgical intervention used in dentistry on irregularly shaped gums.

Abnormal appearance of the gums may result from:

  • inflammation,
  • subgingival crown fractures,
  • subgingival caries,
  • periodontitis.

Surgical correction of the gums allows not only to remove the excess, but also to fill in the missing fragments, improving the shape and line of the gums.
The treatments are performed under local anesthesia, making them completely comfortable for the patient.

What does the gingival plastic surgery procedure look like?

The method of gingival plastic surgery depends on the specific problem.

Before the procedure, the following is performed:

  • X-ray photo,
  • detailed interview with the patient,
  • oral examination.
  • Each intervention is performed under local anesthesia, which guarantees it is painless.


Its aim is to restore the aesthetic appearance of the gums and their proper shape by obtaining the right proportions between the teeth and gums.
It is also performed in the case of tooth loss, caries below the gum line, congenital defects or damage caused by too rough brushing.
Gingivoplasty involves precise removal of a fragment of overdeveloped gum.
Later, the surgeon shapes the bone appropriately to maintain the proper shape of the gum line, and finally sutures the intervention site.


During this procedure, overgrown gum fragments are removed.
The procedure allows you to improve the appearance of your smile or eliminate pathological gum pockets.
A scalpel, diode laser or other specialized surgical tools are used.

Recommendations after the procedure


The healing process after gingival plastic surgery may be long-lasting, even up to a month.
It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid complications.
For the first 10 days after the intervention, you should avoid brushing the treated area.
However, it is necessary to maintain oral hygiene, use dental floss and alcohol-free fluids.
Herbal rinses are also helpful.
After the intervention, it is recommended to take vitamins that support healing and a diet rich in fruit and vegetables.

When is gingival plastic surgery recommended?

The main reason is excessive covering of teeth by gums, which is called a “gummy smile”.
Another reason is gum cavities or recession.
Neglecting treatment may lead to progressive destruction and hygiene difficulties, and consequently to tooth loss.


  • Advanced technologies and local anesthesia guarantee that the treatments are safe and comfortable.
  • How much does the procedure cost?
  • Prices start from around PLN 200, but the final amount depends on the scope of work.
  • Where is it worth having gingival plastic surgery?

The recommended place is Warsaw Dental Center – a clinic in Warsaw where experienced specialists provide an individual approach.
The first visit to the clinic focuses on a thorough consultation, during which the patient learns about the treatment plan and the expected cost.

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