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Exposed tooth necks – a painful problem

Exposed tooth necks are one of the periodontal diseases associated with the lowering and receding of the gums.
If left untreated, the problem may contribute to pain and cause tooth hypersensitivity, and ultimately even lead to tooth loss.
To avoid complications, a quick reaction is necessary.

What are the causes of exposed necks?

  • receding gums – a natural process that progresses with age,
  • periodontal disease;
  • improper brushing of teeth;
  • complications that occur as a result of orthodontic treatment;
  • incorrect anatomical structure of the surrounding gum;
  • tartar build-up.


The main symptoms that should alert us include:

  • pain when eating hot or cold food and drinks;
  • hypersensitivity to acidic products;
  • discomfort felt when brushing teeth.


What can we do to minimize the problem?

Treatment of exposed tooth necks should be carried out by a dentist, or even a surgeon in more difficult cases. At the Warsaw Dental Center clinic, you can make an appointment for a professional treatment that will allow you to quickly and effectively take care of your oral health and prevent the development of the disease.
These include: scaling, sandblasting, plastic surgery of the lip and tongue frenulum, and filling of enamel wedge defects.



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