Cost of dental implants. What does the price depend on?

Dental implants – a revolutionary solution for a beautiful smile

Nowadays, dental implants are one of the most attractive solutions for people who want to enjoy a beautiful smile. Unlike traditional dentures, implants offer much greater comfort to patients.
In addition, they allow you to correct the arrangement of your teeth and restore their natural white color.
But how much does an implant cost and what are the characteristics of this type of tooth replacement?

What are dental implants?A dental implant is a small screw made of titanium that a dental surgeon places directly into the jaw structure. It has the form of a cylinder with a threaded, porous structure, which allows it to be permanently connected to the bone through the process of osseointegration.
The implant serves a basic function, to which a crown is attached at a later stage, adapted in shape and color to the remaining teeth.Implants can also serve as the basis for bridges or removable denture stabilizers.In the case of multiple implants, the prosthodontist can offer a comprehensive treatment plan, taking into account the arrangement of the existing teeth.The goal is not only to replace missing teeth, but also to create a smile that harmoniously matches the rest of the teeth in terms of shape and color.
Modern dentistry is based on advanced and comprehensive approaches, which is why implants are a commonly used method of replacing missing teeth. Thanks to them, patients can quickly, effectively and permanently enjoy a beautiful and natural smile.

Types of dental implants In the dental office, patients can choose from different types of implants, depending on the material used:

Titanium implants – made of durable metal, which guarantees their stability. Titanium is also compatible with bone, which contributes to effective integration.Zirconium oxide implants – equally durable and well integrated with the bone.They have a natural color and tooth-like properties. I single out y also the division of implants according to the speed of the procedure:Single-phase implants – inserted in one visit, which allows for quick results.Two-phase implants – a procedure divided into several visits, which allows for more precise adaptation and aesthetics. The choice of implant and crown depends on the patient’s individual preferences and the treatment plan established during a consultation with the dentist.

Price of dental implants – what influences the costs? The cost of the implant is determined individually, taking into account the condition of the teeth and the patient’s needs.The price depends primarily on:

Number of implants needed to complete. The material from which the crown will be made.Additional tests and consultations before the procedure.Any other procedures needed before implantation. Implants for the entire jaw – approximate costs. Introducing implants to the entire jaw is an expensive process.
A prosthesis on implants can range from PLN 15,000 to PLN 35,000, but the final price depends on the individual case. Exact costs and treatment plan are discussed during the consultation.Cost of a single implant The average cost of an implant with a titanium crown is approximately PLN 2,300. Implants with a zirconium base are slightly more expensive, but more aesthetic, costing about PLN 3,300.

The choice of crown type also affects costs:

Porcelain crown on a metal base – from PLN 550. All-ceramic crown on a zirconium base – from PLN 1,300. The cost of dental reconstruction on implants, a bridge or individual restorations depends on the choice and may range from PLN 3,550.
This includes consultations, diagnostics, implantation, and the fabrication and placement of a crown.

Prices for stages of implant treatment Approximate prices for individual stages of implantation depend on many factors:Treatment plan – approximately PLN 200.Implantology consultation – approximately PLN 200.Implantation (depending on the type) – from PLN 3,500.Crown (depending on the type) – from PLN 2,500.Please note that if additional tests or tests are needed procedures, costs may change.

Understanding the final cost of implants The total cost of implantation and replacing teeth with crowns is discussed during the first consultation visit. The doctor then performs diagnostics, analyzes photos and presents a detailed treatment plan