Conservative dentistry: Dr. Rogulska on how often fillings should be replaced

Conservative dentistry is a key field in caring for the health of our oral cavity.
Natalia Rogulska, who specializes in conservative dentistry at Warsaw Dental Center, explains one of the frequently asked questions among patients.

Why is it necessary to renew fillings?

Doctor Natalia Rogulska says: During regular check-ups, it happens that existing fillings turn out to be leaky or we notice secondary caries, i.e. caries under the existing filling.
Each filling has its own “expected lifespan”.
The longevity of a filling depends on several aspects: regularity of visits to the dentist, attention to oral hygiene, eating habits and problems with clenching or grinding teeth.

At Warsaw Dental Center, we focus on the highest quality filling materials.
During the procedure, we also use a rubber dam, i.e. a saliva chute, which isolates the tooth during treatment.

Over time, the filling loses its original properties, and a leak may develop where the tooth meets the filling.
This is a small gap that is a gateway for bacteria and food remains, which makes it difficult to maintain proper hygiene.

The treatment process involves removing the old filling, removing the caries, and then applying a new, tight filling in the appropriate shade.
Thanks to this, we restore the teeth’s natural shape and functionality.

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