Choosing the right toothbrush for brushing your teeth

70% of success in maintaining healthy teeth depends on the appropriate brushing method.
Choosing the right technique has a significant impact on the effectiveness of cleaning the oral cavity.

There are various types of toothbrushes and dental accessories available on the market that help maintain proper oral hygiene.
It is important to emphasize that the choice between manual, electric and sonic toothbrushes is important.
The differences include the type of movements performed (rotational vs. pulsating) and their intensity (several tens vs. even several thousand movements per minute).

Preventing tooth decay is crucial to your oral health

Manual toothbrushes can be used by patients of all ages, but it is recommended that parents brush the teeth of children up to approximately 7 years of age.
Then, it is worth supervising the brushing process, because early development of appropriate hygiene habits is important for future dental health.
When brushing, it is also worth remembering about the tongue, which may be a breeding ground for bacteria.
In this context, manual toothbrushes often have special tips to clean the tongue.
However, electric and sonic toothbrushes are often equipped with timers or tips in applications that help in thoroughly cleaning hard-to-reach places in the mouth, including the tongue.

Proper tooth brushing technique

It involves the use of the so-called
sweeping technique that effectively removes food remains.
When choosing the right toothbrush, pay attention to the type of bristles.
Too hard bristles can damage teeth and gums, so it is worth avoiding such toothbrushes.
Keeping your teeth clean also includes flossing and using toothbrushes to remove debris from the interdental spaces that are difficult to access with brushes.
These actions reduce the risk of caries and the need to treat cavities.
The frequency of washing is also important – it is recommended to wash after each meal, lasting at least two minutes fat. If this is not possible, it is worth at least rinsing your mouth or eating raw carrots or chewing gum.

Oral hygiene in Warsaw

Like everywhere else, it requires attention.
It is worth remembering that storing all household members’ toothbrushes in one cup in the bathroom may lead to the transfer of bacteria between them.
Therefore, it is important to take appropriate precautions.
Regular visits to the dentist’s office every six months allow you to check your oral health and use the services of qualified hygienists who will perform professional hygiene.

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