Barodontalgia – a disease that may ruin your dream vacation

Unexpected pressure spikes, such as during an airplane flight or diving, can lead to intense, stabbing toothaches.
This phenomenon is called barodontalgia.
It is worth diagnosing this problem before the planned trip to eliminate the cause of the pain and avoid discomfort during the holidays.

Barodontalgia is associated with hypersensitivity of the teeth and structures surrounding them, especially the gums.
It is caused by sudden changes in altitude above sea level (hence the original name of the disease was aerodontalgia, due to its connection with flights, but later the scope of its definition was expanded) and changes in atmospheric conditions and therefore temperature.

Pulsating toothache can be so intense that it interferes with the daily functioning of the person affected by this problem.
Most often, this applies to teeth that have been treated in the past, for example those that have undergone conservative or root canal treatment, but it was not performed correctly.

Why do patients experience such pain?
The reason lies in the air that gets inside the tooth.
This is definitely not a natural situation, but rather the result of the dentist’s mistakes.
When the pressure increases or decreases rapidly, trapped air bubbles in the tooth have no way to release, leading to an increase in pressure.
The result is severe pain that may also radiate to the jaw or sinus areas.

In such circumstances, an immediate consultation with a dentist is necessary.
After a thorough examination of the teeth, the doctor will recommend appropriate therapy.
To avoid similar problems before the holiday season, we recommend making an appointment at Warsaw Dental Center.
Regular examinations, carried out at least every six months, reduce the risk of caries by 45%, and caries is the source of many problems in the oral cavity.

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