Alarming statistics from the Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health Alerts: The condition of the teeth of children and adults in Poland Recent reports from the Ministry of Health raise serious concerns.
Research results show that Polish six-year-olds have significantly more cavities than their Ugandan peers, which indicates the alarming state of oral hygiene in the country.

Data from January 2023, prepared on behalf of the Ministry of Health, show that Polish three-year-olds on average have three damaged teeth.
It is worth noting that six-year-olds in Poland suffer from caries much more often than their peers from Uganda and Vietnam.
Additionally, it is surprising that one in ten seven-year-olds have never used a dentist’s chair.


Unfortunately, disturbing statistics also apply to older age groups.
Data indicate that as many as 92 percent of teenagers and 99 percent of adult Poles struggle with problems related to dental caries.
What also seems shocking is the fact that as many as 4 million people in Poland do not care about brushing their teeth regularly.


It is clear that prevention plays a key role in maintaining oral health.
Therefore, we strongly encourage our patients to undergo regular check-ups and consultations to avoid serious health problems.
It is also extremely important to use the services of dental hygienists.


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