A complete transformation of our patient’s smile

A new day, a new radiant smile with Warsaw Dental Center!

About the smile not only of the patient, but also of the entire team of doctors and assisting staff who participated in this transformation.
The path to this was not easy, but the end result proves that the patient’s determination and cooperation with the team bring excellent results!

We asked Dr. Tomasz Kuprys about the details of the treatment of the 62-year-old patient.

“For years she wanted to have a healthy and attractive smile.
To get to a consultation at our clinic, she traveled as much as 400 kilometers.
For this reason, we have planned her visits to be as optimal as possible.
The old porcelain crowns and steel-based bridges that she had installed several years ago were no longer suitable for use and had led to the destruction of the supporting teeth.
After a thorough examination, photo documentation, radiological diagnosis and analysis of the temporomandibular joint, we began to plan further stages of treatment.
Unfortunately, it was not possible to save all the teeth in the lower jaw and on the sides of the maxilla.
However, the front teeth, after appropriate root canal treatment, were used as a support for prosthetic reconstruction.
In the mandible, two implants were used to attach the lower denture, while in the upper jaw, instead of traditional clasps, it was decided to use a removable denture on bolts connected to ceramic restorations.

The patient is extremely happy and enjoys a better quality of life.
She gained self-confidence and started smiling more often.
If you dream of a similar transformation, we cordially invite you to Warsaw Dental Center.

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