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We understand how important careful diagnostics are.
Our dental specialists focus on a thorough review of each patient’s dental condition during the first visit.

Below we present the stages of the diagnostic process at Warsaw Dental Center:

1. Conversation with the patient: First, we conduct an extensive interview with the patient.
We discuss daily hygiene habits, possible pain and other symptoms that may indicate an incorrect bite.
We also delve into information about diet because it affects the patient’s oral health and overall condition.

2. CBCT tomography examination: We are introducing a modern and precise tool in the form of CBCT tomography.
This non-invasive examination enables comprehensive visualization of head structures such as the jaws, mandible, temporomandibular joints, facial skeleton and sinuses.
Thanks to the minimal dose of radiation and the short duration of the examination, we ensure the patient’s safety and comfort.
Tomography results are easily available for archiving and analysis.

3. Photographic documentation: In order to completely understand the condition of the patient’s oral cavity, we create detailed photographic documentation.
Thanks to this, we have insight into all important details that may influence the diagnostic process and treatment plan.

4. 3D tooth scanning: We use advanced technologies such as three-dimensional tooth scanning.
This innovative tool allows us to precisely analyze the structure of teeth and assess any possible problems.

5. Development of a personalized treatment plan: Based on the collected data and using our experience and knowledge, we create a detailed treatment plan for each patient.
Our practice is based on collaboration and dialogue, so we consult among physicians to ensure optimal solutions for each case.
We encourage you to learn about the professional and comfortable approach to dental treatment at Warsaw Dental Center.
Let’s also remember

that we offer the option of treatment under anesthesia to provide even greater comfort to our patients.

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