What role does a temporary prosthesis play in the process of placing implants?

Thinking about getting dental implants, but have questions and doubts? Are you looking for answers before making a final decision? That’s completely natural. The decision about implants is a significant step, both financially and personally. Implants can restore your smile and confidence, but you may wonder what the process will be like from tooth removal to implant placement. This period, which can last for several weeks, is necessary for complete wound healing and preparation for implantation. The answer to these questions is a temporary denture.

What exactly is a temporary denture?

A temporary denture is a personalized solution to replace missing teeth, used while waiting for implants to be placed. The denture allows normal functioning for a short period and does not affect the appearance of the oral cavity. Though it may require some adjustment, wearing it is not painful or very uncomfortable. However, regular wearing and maintenance of the denture are important.

In what situations is a temporary denture used?

A temporary denture is dedicated to individuals who, for various reasons, cannot immediately receive an implant. There are many reasons why the use of a temporary denture may be necessary, and below are some of them.

Lack of available implant

The time required to produce an implant depends on many factors, but typically it does not exceed a few weeks. However, there are situations where it may take even a month, due to technical problems, failures, illness of the person performing the implants, or lack of materials. Unforeseen factors often lead to delays, of which we must unfortunately be aware. To avoid leaving the patient with incomplete dentition, a temporary denture is used to mask gaps, allowing for normal functioning.

Time needed for wound healing

Another reason for using a temporary denture is the need for wound healing, especially after deliberate tooth extraction. For an implant to be placed in the site of the wound, it must be fully healed. The time depends on the individual’s body and other factors and can take several weeks. Can one function normally during this time? Yes, provided there is a temporary denture in the mouth, which is economical and significantly improves the quality of life.

The importance of a temporary denture in the preparation process for implant placement

After how long from placing the temporary denture can proper implants appear? On average, this takes several weeks, although most clinics strive to shorten this period. However, a temporary denture is essential for normal functioning during this time. Its preparation takes much less time than producing implants, and its application is simple and painless. The temporary denture can be removed and reinserted by the patient multiple times without causing pain. It is made of body-safe materials that do not cause allergies or irritation. Thanks to its flexibility, it easily adapts to the shape of the oral cavity, ensuring comfortable use without discomfort. It is important to maintain the hygiene of the denture, including regular cleaning, rinsing with special tablets, and keeping it clean.

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