What are the risks of drinking energy drinks? Doctor Natalia Rogulskaolicy warns!

Healthy and white teeth are the result not only of regular visits to the dentist, but also of a proper diet.
It is therefore important to take care of what we eat.

Why is diet so important for our teeth?
Explains Dr. Natalia Rogulska from Warsaw Dental Center, specializing in conservative treatment.

Dental caries can develop due to several main factors:

eating foods that promote tooth decay (high content of carbohydrates, which are needed by bacteria for enzymatic transformations);

  • the presence of microorganisms in the oral cavity;
  • teeth’s susceptibility to demineralization, related to their chemical composition;
  • length and frequency of exposure to the above factors.

To sum up: for the development of caries, we need time, susceptible teeth, lack of attention to hygiene and an unhealthy diet.
Are sweets the only problem?
Unfortunately, it’s not just them.
More and more young people aged 12 to 30 require dental treatment, which includes:
caused by greater consumption of drinks such as “cola”, sweet juices or flavored waters.
Even though we don’t see them as “cute”, we should.

In the mouth, the natural pH is approximately 6.5-7, but after eating or drinking, it drops and returns to normal after approximately 30-60 minutes.
Any drink other than water changes this pH.
When we often drink small amounts of sweet drinks, the pH in the mouth has no chance to return to normal, which creates ideal conditions for bacteria.
These bacteria process carbohydrates and produce acids that affect the pH of the teeth.

Energy drinks have an even worse effect.
In addition to the impact on the circulatory system, the risk of diabetes, overweight and other diseases, “energetics” contribute to the “dissolution” of teeth.
This is due to their low, acidic pH (2.0-4.0).
Enamel begins to dissolve at pH 5.5, and if strengthened with fluoride, at 4.5.
The acidity of energy drinks leads to erosion, or dissolution, of tooth structure.

The result is that teeth are more susceptible to hypersensitivity

and dental caries.
In studies, changes were visible after just five days of drinking “energy drinks”, and the effects are permanent.

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