Warsaw Dental Center in the program BEZ TABOO on TVN STYLE!

Sepsis, myocarditis or meningitis are just some of the possible complications after untreated caries.
Surprising, right?
Meanwhile, a ubiquitous diet high in sugar, poor oral hygiene and rare visits to the dentist lead to the spread of the disease in Poland.

When entering adulthood, nearly 90% of young people have carious lesions in their teeth.
In the new episode of the documentary series “Without Taboo”, Agata Młynarska will introduce viewers to this often ignored and downplayed topic.
Can caries be infected?
Baby teeth don’t need to be treated because they will fall out anyway?
Should they be washed immediately after meals?
Is there no loss in removing a diseased baby tooth?
Nothing could be further from the truth!

Doctors from Warsaw Dental Center will talk with Agata Młynarska about truths and myths about caries!

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