“Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic appliance that allows you to improve your smile in a discreet and invisible way. An orthodontic expert, Dr. Aneta Zmorzyńska from Warsaw Dental Center, emphasizes the numerous benefits of this innovative solution.At the renowned Warsaw Dental Center, we use advanced 3D technology to precisely scan the patient’s teeth.


Invisalign-certified specialists then create a virtual treatment plan, called ClinCheck. This extremely precise tool allows patients to see the expected final effects before starting therapy, and to estimate the duration of the entire process – explains Dr. Aneta Zmorzyńska. The next step is to produce a personalized set of clear overlays, called aligners. Each of them is carefully tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Every 14-10 days, depending on progress, the patient changes the aligner to a new one. Orthodontic checkups take place less frequently than with traditional braces – on average every 2 months.

The Invisalign system offers a number of advantages.First of all, it guarantees wearing comfort.
Thanks to transparent overlays that do not contain metal elements such as wires or brackets, the therapy is aesthetic.Aligners are easy to remove, for example before meals, which makes it easier to maintain proper oral hygiene. Patients do not have to give up their lifestyle – they can remove their braces in important situations, such as meetings or public appearances. Even dinner in a restaurant is no longer a problem.

Additionally, overlays can be used to whiten teeth during orthodontic therapy, adds Dr. Zmorzyńska. The Invisalign method allows you to correct a variety of malocclusions – from minor dental irregularities to more complicated cases, including orthodontic and surgical treatment.The duration of therapy depends on the complexity of the problem, but it is often shorter than in the case of tr adaptive orthodontic appliances. We cordially invite you to a consultation with Dr. Aneta Zmorzyńska to learn more about the revolutionary Invisalign system.

Bow. dentist Aneta Zmorzyńska

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