Rubber Dam in Dentistry: Precision, Comfort and Safety

What is a dental dam?

A rubber dam, also called a “women’s rubber”, is a thin, flexible rubber mat or foil that is used in dentistry to isolate the treatment area.
It is a tool that separates the teeth and oral tissues from the remaining space, providing control over the working environment.

Advantages of using a rubber dam:

  • Precision and effectiveness: A rubber dam ensures precise and effective performance of dental procedures, such as fillings, root canal treatment or tooth preparation for a crown.
  • Patient comfort: Patients appreciate the use of a rubber dam because it reduces the discomfort associated with the presence of moisture and other substances in the oral cavity during treatment.
  • Safety: A rubber dam increases patient safety by minimizing the risk of swallowing or aspiration of materials used during the procedure.
  • Hygiene: The use of a rubber dam contributes to maintaining the highest hygiene standards during dental procedures.

Applications of rubber dam in dentistry:

  • Preparing the tooth for a filling: A rubber dam is often used in filling procedures to isolate the tooth from saliva and other tissues.
  • Endodontic treatment: In the case of root canal treatment, a rubber dam isolates the tooth from the rest of the mouth, which is essential for the success of the procedure.
  • Preparing the tooth for the crown: When installing crowns or bridges, a rubber dam guarantees isolation and precision.
  • Teeth whitening: When whitening your teeth, a dental dam isolates your teeth and gums from the whitening gel being used.


A rubber dam is an invaluable tool in dentistry that contributes to precise and safe procedures.
Thanks to it, patients can feel more comfortable and doctors achieve better results.
In today’s world of dentistry, a rubber dam is an integral element that raises the standards of dental care and ensures patient satisfaction with dental services.
If you are considering visiting a dentist, do not hesitate to ask about the use of k

oferdam during your treatment.
This tool can significantly influence the course and effectiveness of the procedure.

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