Root canal treatment

Untreated caries can be very dangerous for our teeth. Damaged tissues require the intervention of an endodontist. Fortunately, root canal treatment at the Warsaw Dental Center is painless and is done in one visit.

We often write about the importance of prevention and proper oral hygiene. They help prevent serious dental problems. However, not everyone understands the seriousness of the problem and ignore the recommendations of doctors.

We asked Dr. Urszula Leonczak, who specializes in endodontics, about the consequences of inaction for patients who need root canal treatment.

“Tooth decay can be painful when it comes to sweet, warm or cold foods. A tooth healed at this stage does not require root canal treatment. However, if you do not visit the dentist in time, his condition will worsen and the bacteria will reach the pulp. And this will cause inflammation, and endodontic treatment will be necessary,” says Dr. Urszula Leonczak, who is responsible for endodontics at the Warsaw Dental Center.

If root canal treatment is abandoned, inflammation of the bones around the roots of the teeth may also develop. The consequences for a patient who misses an appointment with a doctor are really serious. “This can lead to an abscess, swelling and severe pain. They may be associated with general symptoms such as fever and chills. If endodontic treatment is not performed, the bone around the tooth is damaged by inflammation and the tooth may need to be extracted,” adds Dr. Urszula Leonczak.

If you’re struggling with pain or just putting off going to the dentist, don’t delay. Remember that the sooner you decide to diagnose the problem, the easier it will be to treat it.

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